Mark on the let and Buck on the right, I raised in a very small down on the boarder or Arizona and California in a town called Blythe,  known for absolutely nothing, twenty feet from water and two feet from Hell,  the hottest I have seen it was 135 degrees,   my graduation class has have 20 students in a town of a population of 1100.


We grew up farming and with all the amenities of the great outdoors (the wide open desert) hunting , fishing, by Step Father Buck is and will always be my hero, I am the man I am today because of him,  I Love you pop and will miss you and mom till my last breath on this earth, I just know we will be together again in the next life.


My Pop (Buck) passed this year Feb 28 2022, he was able to read this book prior to his passing, because my pop was so stubborn he made the perfect character for the old dog in my story